A Possible Experience of Reality: Tan Nuguyen

This  is  a  revised  version of  a  talk  given  at  the  EFPP Summer  School  in Sweden on August 8th 2014 as part of a panel with Jockum NORDSTROM, a Swedish artist invited at the conference. When you look at Jockum’s paintings, you’ll see birds, animals, hunters, characters […]

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The 3 Levels of Imagery: Jan Taal

Imagery is (at) the very core of human existence. It is the central arena of our being where identityand reality are formed. There are three levels […]

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The Heartfelt Self & the Challenging Mirrors of the Soul: Massimo Rosselli

Crisis and Transformation challenge us along the journey of life with suffering and breaking points but at the same time offer the opportunity for change. We […]

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1. Vulnerability as a healthy human condition. We are all capable of being physically, emotionally and mentally wounded. Some of the major issues with vulnerability are […]

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Hourglass Model Infinity

Archetypal Psychosynthesis or the Psychology of Unity: A New Look at the ‘Egg Diagram’

Dr. Kristina Brode “We are approaching the level of an archetypal consciousness.” Stanislav Grof, 2011 My experiences with the Psychosynthesis Egg-Diagram I love the Egg-Diagram. And […]

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Promises & Pitfalls: The Spiritual and the Therapeutic Path

The spiritual path and the therapeutic path do not contradict each other, in fact they complement each other beautifully. We could say that these two fundamental […]

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