Kristina Brode: A new Look at “the Egg”- Evolution Happens by Provocation

Kristina Brode discusses her updating of Assagioli’s classic Egg Diagram. Click here to view.

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Diana Whitmore: Social Psychosynthesis – Visionary Common Sense

Diana Whitmore on Social Applied Psychosynthesis. Click here to view.

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Promises & Pitfalls: The Spiritual and the Therapeutic Path

The spiritual path and the therapeutic path do not contradict each other, in fact they complement each other beautifully. We could say that these two fundamental […]

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International Congress of Psychosynthesis

Summary of some moments of the International Conference of Psychosynthesis . Rome 21-24 June 2012 Directed by Eleanor Ievolella Interviews by Alberto Ruffinengo Click here to […]

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Video of the lecture of Gerald Huther 2011

“The Social Organization of the Human Brain: Implications for Psychotherapy” Gerald Huther  

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