Psychosynthese Academie

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Muurhuizen 36, 3811 EJ Amersfoort, Netherlands
36 Muurhuizen Amersfoort Utrecht 3811 EJ NL

Associate Member

The “Psychosynthese Academie” started under this name in 2014 as a coming together of two separate Psychosynthesis institutes; “Centrum Psychosynthese Holland” and “Psychosynthese Studies”. Both institutes have been delivering training in Psychosynthesis since 1982 and 1986.The wish for an institute that is more in accordance to what the current times are asking of us, as therapists and as a training institute, has resulted in a new curriculum and fresh training standards. Without losing the wisdom and depth of the vision of Psychosynthesis .

We have the ambition to offer people, in different walks of life, the personal and living experience of Psychosynthesis’ vision , its theory, praxis and its potential to give meaning to life in this day and age. We hope to achieve this through offering training and courses to become therapist, counsellor or for professionals and individuals who want to widen their horizon through Psychosynthesis.

Psychosynthese Academie is a cooperative association. From its members a board is chosen.The current board consists of:
Martine Duchene, Maurice van der Weele and Robert Bakker

Psychosynthese Academie is accredited by SKB (stichting keurmerk beroepsopleidingen) and is an associate member of EFPP.

What we offer:

• 3 year training to become psychosynthesis therapist
• 2 year training to become counsellor
• 1 year personal development course
• Courses for ongoing professional development
• Different courses and training to become professional in psychosynthesis related topics