Dr Ewa Bialek

Warsaw, Poland 03-187 Warsaw R. Maciejewskiego 1/51 Poland
1 Romana Maciejewskiego Warszawa mazowieckie PL

As an immunologist (doctoral dissertation, 1980), and a specialist in clinical diagnostics, I became a long-time researcher at the Academy of Medicine and Postgraduate Medical School in Warsaw, Poland (1969-1992).

For years, I looked for solution for my health problems caused by traumatic childhood experiences. Many years later they created the symptoms of diseases caused by stress.
Contact with psychosynthesis almost 20 years ago enabled me to reach the grounds of my health problems, to decode them and to start recovery. The outcome of this deep inner work was creation of my programs of disease prevention – “health education” and “self-education” – so that there is no need of therapy. Another effect is my exceptional creativity, which led me to write 31 books and over 120 scientific articles.

I completed postgraduate studies in psychology at the Summit University (1995 – USA, my provost was John W. Cullen Ph.D.) and a number of professional courses, including Psychosynthesis trainings (John W. Cullen, IAMOP, USA, Inner Theatre Trainings – Vivian King Ph.D. 1992-1996, Jenny Truch, graduated from Psychosynthesis Trust, Marjolaine Petersen and Rea Kea – Holland). I have also finished such trainings as a Life Coach and Master Life Coach (NLP University USA), ACE Training (Agents of Conscious Evolution – by Barbara Marx-Hubbard – USA- 9 months), Conscious Evolution Coaching (Shift Network- 6 months), Scientific R/Evolution, leaded by Ervin Laszlo (3 months) and Psychosynthesis Coach Training and Coaching for Personal Well-Being (The Synthesis Center, a 155 hour CCE approved Coach Training).

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Dr Ewa Bialek