John Gibbs

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4044 Hafrsfjord, Norway
396 Madlaveien Stavanger Rogaland 4044 NO

Born in Venezuela, has led a nomadic expatriate life,  first working for 25 years as a project engineer for Shell.  Switched professions 15 years ago to Psychotherapy and moved to Norway. Has a family with grown up children, is half Dutch, half English and has strong links to the Netherlands. Speaks Dutch, Norwegian, and a little French and German. Has a private practice and works part time as a school counsellor.

Works with: Dreams, Family Constellations, General Practice (Psychosynthesis)

Training: Counselling Diploma, then Masters degree in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, from University of East London, run by the Psychosynthesis Trust. UKCP registered.

United Kingdom
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John Gibbs