Panayiotis Vyras

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Athens, Greece
67 Athinas Athina 105 52 GR

Doctor of Medicine, University of Pisa-Italy. Specialty : Psychiatry and Family Therapy.

Currently working at the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica in Athens:

Specialization :
Adult psychotherapy and psychiatry (individual and group sessions) in Greek or English.

Places of practice :
1. Centre of Mental Health and Research, Piraeus- Greece.
2. Athens Synthesis Centre, Athens- Greece.

Experience :
1977-1980 weekly courses and seminars at the “Istituto di Psicosintesi” (Italy)
Since 1980 yearly visits to the Findhorn Foundation (Scotland) for week-long workshops in the fields of psychosynthesis and personal transformation.
1990-1995 daily practice under supervision by T. Triantafyllou, the founder of psychosynthesis in Greece and personal student of Assagioli.

Centre of Mental Health and Research, Piraeus – Greece.

Athens Synthesis Centre, Athens – Greece.

Contact Name
Panayiotis Vyras