Ecopsychology: The Mind-Body & World Connection

february, 2017

25febAll Day26Ecopsychology: The Mind-Body & World Connection


Event Details

A 2 day workshop with Allan Frater

25th & 26th February 2017

Cost £210

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A dawning recognition of the primacy of place, an awareness of wildness unfolding wherever we train our attention, a fresh humility in relation to other earthborn beings, and a radically transformed sense of the sacred — all these are struggling to be born at this moment in the world’s unfolding. How can this transformed awareness settle deep into our muscles and bones, and how can it come most powerfully to expression in our lives?

Ecopsychology acknowledges embodied awareness and goes further to include the body-mind-world connection, without which our psyches are disconnected, our senses robbed of their integrity and our minds of their coherence.

Our encounters with the more-than-human world (of animals, birds, plants, trees, hills, rivers, skyscrapers, buses, dreams, ghosts and spirits) can help us encounter our own nature, and the interdependence of all beings: moving from a human-centric or ‘inner’ view of psychology to a soulful and imaginative frame.

Such encounters, taken back indoors, can alter how we understand and practice with our clients.

The workshop will explore key ecopsychology principles through presentations, discussion and experiential learning, including our encounters with the local landscape.

Workshop aims:

• Expand your imaginative and sensory skills
• Enter into richer relationship with the more-than-human world
• Learn new ways of tuning to your home-place, deepening your experience of the local earth
• Wildly expand your philosophical toolkit
• Awaken to the beauty and power of indigenous cosmologies
• Expand and intensify your sense of wonder
• Become a more effective agent of cultural change

Who is it for?

Counsellors, psychotherapists and coaches

Allan Frater is a core trainer and member of the program executive at the Psychosynthesis Trust, a psychotherapist and supervisor.


february 25 (Saturday) - 26 (Sunday)


Psychosynthesis Trust

92-94 Tooley Street, London Bridge, London, SE1 2TH


The Psychosynthesis

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