At the beginning of the corona pandemic in Germany, when the situation was already really alarming in Italy, a call for help reached Kristina Brode, the former treasurer of EFPP for many years. She addressed us as EFPP board with her proposal to donate money to the hospital, where Dr. Matteo Rosselli, the son of Massimo Rosselli is working and where help was needed so urgently. In memory of Massimo, who worked tirelessly for EFPP, we supported this wonderful idea, given we had sufficient funds. We sent them 7.000 € on 3rd April 2020.

EFPP Board:
Keith Silvester, Anja Müller, Ann-Marie Lamb

Lived psychosynthesis

Kristina Brode, CIRCADIAN Institute for Applied Psychosynthesis, Cologne

In days when horrific news of the impact of the coronavirus in Italy is reaching me every evening in my armchair, an email arrives, the content of which I can only guess at, because it is written in Italian. It has been forwarded by a friend in Florence, Susie Rosselli, the widow of Dr. Massimo Rosselli. My daughter, Gabrielle, confirms my suspicions: it is a call for emergency donations. A hospital in Tuscany is asking for help because it can no longer provide the necessary personal protective equipment for staff or sufficient respirators for patients.

I phone Susie to find out more, and she fills me in on the grim details of catastrophic conditions that cannot really be conveyed on the news. Susie and Massimo’s son, Matteo, is a doctor at the hospital appealing for assistance.

Our close contact with the Rossellis and our mutual respect has developed over the course of almost twenty-five years of working together in the European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy (EFPP). The foundation’s mission to spread the beneficial and healing effects of psychosynthesis throughout Europe has increasingly evolved in recent years into international peacemaking work.

We had a vision: to invite people to become co-creators of peace. The European Summer School held in 2017 in Rösrath near Cologne kicked off these efforts under the title:

The Revolution of the Peaceful – Come and Be a Co-Creator of a Whole and Peaceful World.

Massimo Rosselli, our president, passed away suddenly at Christmastime that same year.  I remained treasurer until October 2018, a function I had held for fifteen years.

After speaking with Susie, I felt what can only be described as an inner call to action. I was still very familiar with the finances of the EFPP and knew what expenses could be expected for the next two years. And I had an idea:

Why not donate 7,000 euros to the hospital in memory of Massimo?

Now it was not about making peace but about saving lives.

My proposal, including the fundraising appeal from Italy, which had meanwhile been translated into English, was presented to our EFPP board without delay. A Skype meeting of the Board of Directors was convened the following Sunday, and they welcomed the idea. A donation in recognition of the work of Massimo Rosselli was immediately dispatched to the hospital in Empoli.


Below you find the letter of thanks from Dr. Matteo Rosselli:

Dear all,

it is with great emotion that I received the news that the EFPP decided to support our Hospital in Italy in this critical moment. I was deeply touched by your thought, care and closeness. Your contribution not only supports our healthcare in a difficult moment in which there is a paucity of resources but nourishes our inner strength reminding the power of will and solidarity. Thinking that you have worked closely, shared and walked on a common pathway with my father somehow makes me feel him closer than ever, and this is indeed a beautiful gift…especially in this moment in which I would have liked to speak to him…I wonder how many things he could have thought and say now…he always had a word for every situation…thank you.
I am wondering if we have met many years ago, maybe crossing the same road or sharing the same congress room during an international conference of psychosynthesis that was held in San Diego probably about 25 years ago…who knows. We meet indirectly, now, maybe again, thanks to your kindness.

Thanks to your gift we have been able to purchase equipment to improve our protection and continue to work hard in an unfriendly environment. Everyday we get back to our families asking our selves in silence, after long shifts, if we might have contracted the virus since this has happened  recently to some of our colleagues who are now hospitalised although luckily clinically stable. Your donation is helping us significantly to get through the day feeling safer and this means a lot to all of us!
It is a difficult moment for the world in which we are paradoxically brought to stay “closer” to each other by understanding how important it is to take a distance, losing physical contact before finally getting back together.
Two days ago a colleague of mine cried…cried because another doctor put a hand on her shoulder, breaking through the fear which we are now used to look through in order to protect us. This you did and more…

I thank my father, I thank psychosynthesis and I thank more than anyone else you for allowing us to open again to the difficulties that our patients are bearing so that they can be healed on the many levels that you could teach us.

Thanks again to you all.

Yours, Matteo