Psychosynthesis in the Present Moment: Eva Sanner

Today more than ever we need tools and approaches that help us better understand and cope with the present and the future. Psychosynthesis can be of great use.

Frequent reports about the climate tell us that the situation in many ways is worse than anticipated. The necessary changes in industry, transportation and consumption has not been happening or are not enough. On the political scene, many countries in Europe, and now also the USA, are witnessing swings to the right, expressed as protectionism, fear of the foreign and the election of politicians who present seemingly easy solutions and scapegoating. In the domestic arena, we see a higher rate of divorce and a mounting number of illnesses triggered by psychological factors.

There is a lot to say about the deeper causes of all f the above. But the common thread is separation. Separation between individuals, between humans and nature, between people and their leaders. Even a separation between our soul and our personality.
It is a time of challenge, both for the common man and for us as therapists. Assagioli created a number of excercises to help develop a deepened presence with ourselves and others, as well as excercises for reflection on concepts and problems. The goal was and is to reach the deeper and higher dimensions of ourselves where we can access both feelings and resources.

Personally, I believe that one of the most important Psychosynthesis tools right now is the creative use of pain, crisis and failure. There is an immense amount of pain, fear and hopelessness released for instance by the election in the United States, by the recent reports about the ice in the polar regions melting more quickly now, and about war and armed conflict in different parts of the world. All this affects us, we receive both information and disinformation. The creative use of a difficult situation is a way of restoring hope and through that to find ways out and onward, acting from a higher perspective. And I am happy to see around me that it also seem to be happening right now. In the networks of environmentalists, spiritual seekers and conscious citizens of many countries, there is a lot of love in action – love for the fellow man, for the animals and for the planet. And where that love is set in motion, it creates more of the same.

As the general secretary of the EFPP I have seen again the potential of the psychosynthesis values. To see things, events and even people from a higher perspective and from a position of hope, really opens up for the potential in every situation. I have been deeply touched by the Inspirational days about Peace and Connection that we as a board hosted together. The work in the board also made me aware of the importance that each of us also live with a bifocal attitude, where both the personal and the spiritual is taken into account. Then cooperation is also made easier.

Psychosynthesis can definitely be of use for the greater whole and each one of us have the possibility to take some steps to offer more of a spiritual approach to the situations around us. Our famous Egg model is not only about individuals or groups, it can also be a model of humanity. When the shadow manifest itself, we need to see it, and accept that shadow for what is is. But we also need to see the light and the potential, so we can make our choices and take action from both a deeper and higher awareness. We need to strengthen that part of us that carries the hope, love and power to act – the part of us that believe in the more beautiful world that is possible.

I wish the General Board, the member organisations and individual members all the best in their work, offering Psychosynthesis where it is needed and where it can be of greatest use. For me, my love will take other paths in my local work for the environment and in my writing.

Eva Sanner

Out-going General Secretary EFPP Board