Soulmaking and community in a time of global crisis

We as EFPP board planned to hold our annual Inspiration Day/Evening this year in Stockholm, but then Corona came and we weren’t able to travel any more, so we decided to use the opportunity to bring the meeting to the virtual world and with this being able to bring together more EFPP members and other person, who are connected with Psychosynthesis.

The event was hosted by the Psychosyntesakademin, Stockholm on behalf of EFPP. In the end we met yesterday (23th April 2020) with 55 lovely person from Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and UK on Zoom and had a contemplative, lively, inspiring, touching, thoughful, connected gathering with multiple perspectives, discussing in the big group and in small groups using Zoom’s breakout sessions. Thank you Linda for the lovely meditation at the beginning, Erik for hosting and Keith and Erik for being moderators.

It has been so wonderful to see that even with using technical tools to join a strong feeling of connectedness can arise. These were the words, that came up for participants at the end of the session:

In the end we decided to make this a regular gathering for us as European psychosynthesis community, so the next online EFPP gathering will be at 8th June 2020, 6 – 7.30 pm CEST. SAVE THE DATE!